baby dun hurt me (no more)

Philosophical Ramblings, Pottery

what is love?

love is ( p * t * i ) / fear of commitment

love is stopping for a minute and having a solid think

love is friends and ideas and being together and moment

love is what you do and what they do and how it affects us

love is being immersed in your surroundings ’til you melt

love is big ole potta honey, luscious and creamy, silky golden life juice

love is you and I and them and everyone else, too, if they want

love is the all powerful magma floving through every creator’s arteries

love is all that takes time and sweat and hard work and blood

love is the instant which shatters in the blink of an eye and can’t be caught

love is a tangent that touches mind but never is

love is transcendence of rationality and petty thoughts

love is what makes us leave, and what makes us come back

love is that power which makes us traverse all borders physically and mentally

love is that promethean calling you can’t drown out

love is infinity and nothingness, fate and randomness

love is that primordial soup that simultaneously started and ended all of life


etymological musings

Philosophical Ramblings

Neugier (noun):

neu (adjective): new, novel, innovative

Gier (noun): greed, desire, hunger

Ein heißhunger für neues / Being hungry for novelty


Curiosity (noun)

through the times

cura (latin, noun): care

curiosus (latin, adjective): careful, dilligent, eager

curiositatem (latin, noun): desire of knowledge

curiosité (french, noun): curiosity, avidity, choosiness

curious (old english, adjective): subtle, sophisticated, detailed

prying, desiring, inquisitive

desirious of seeing

A deep desire for discovy and meaning / Ein Verlangen nach Entdeckung und Bedeutung